Indonesia: Research to improve vetiver cultivation

A research project to help farmers increase their oil yields while preserving the environment.


As one of the emblematic ingredients for perfumery, vetiver is a fragrant plant yielding a precious essential oil with high economic value. As such, it is an important crop for Indonesian farmers.

Indonesia vetiver research

However, inefficient cultivation practices result in poor yields and tend to limit the income of farming communities.

In 2019, we have initiated a research project with the Institute Pertanian Bogor (IPB), a prominent Indonesian university specialising in agricultural research.

The objective? To develop good agricultural practices resulting in higher biomass and oil yields with a low impact on the environment.


In field trials, new methods are compared with traditional cultivation practices. One such method is planting vetiver in the same field with other crops (associated cropping). A group of vetiver growers participated in the first phase of the project, which, in time, could involve more

“Vetiver has been an agricultural commodity that plays a pivotal role within Garut society, which unfortunately is facing major productivity decline in the past couple of years. Through collaboration with the Givaudan Foundation, we are hoping to improve Garut farmers’ welfare and environmental obstacles”.

Belladini, Institute Pertanian Bogor Programme Coordinator

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