Colombia: Health & nutrition workshops for vulnerable families

Better alimentary and health practices in daily life for small children and their parents.


Quality nutrition is essential for children to thrive and develop and be able to fulfil their potential. Children are especially vulnerable and families in Bogotá living with limited income or under the threshold of poverty may not always have the adequate resources and education to provide for the necessary care for the well-being of their children.

Colombia: Family health and nutrition

Givaudan Colombia employees in Bogotá initiated a family programme to promote better alimentary and health practices in daily life through the implementation of appropriate hygiene and feeding practices. The programme is conducted in partnership with Bambi Homes, a foundation that aims to protect children and reinforce families, giving shelter to children in situations of extreme vulnerability such as abandon, child labour, mistreatment and abuse, and provides them with food, education and emotional support until they can return in their family or in a foster family. It leverages their experience in early childhood support programmes in homes located in major Colombian cities for over 30 years.

Counselling is being proposed both to parents on topics such as proper handling of food, balanced and healthy nutrition, as well as to children, with fun activities around personal hygiene for instance. As indicators of welfare, children’s weight and size are monitored on a regular basis.

Workshops are conducted with the participation of Givaudan employees to provide families with training in good nutritional, health and financial practices. Health and hygiene kits were also distributed.

“As Givaudan employees, we are absolutely delighted to be able to promote and contribute to healthy nutrition for babies and little children, thanks to the Givaudan Foundation.”

Diana, Givaudan employee


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