Comoros: Literacy & entrepreneurial training for women picking ylang ylang flowers

Functional literacy as a means to improve the women’s socio-economic situation.


Ylang ylang is one of the most sought-after flowers in perfumery representing a significant source of revenue for producers in the Comoros. Women in charge of picking and collecting the flowers play a key role in this supply chain.

En Classe

Ylang ylang pickers are living in rural areas of Comoros. They are exposed to difficult socio-economic conditions and most of them did not have the chance to attend school. This contributes to a high illiteracy rate in the communities.


To contribute to improving the livelihoods of the women picking ylang ylang flowers in Moheli, the smallest island of Comoros, the Givaudan Foundation is partnering with a local non-governmental organisation specialised in educational initiatives. The aim of this project is to support 100 women within 4 communities in gaining more autonomy in their daily life through functional literacy training and support for their entrepreneurial initiatives. This will in turn help them develop additional sources of income.

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