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India: Quality water supply for boswellia producing communities

Building wells and reservoirs with boswellia collectors.

Many people in rural India still lack proper accessto drinking water. Among them are communities collecting boswellia in wild forests. Boswellia is a tree resin prized in traditional medicine for its soothing properties and used by Givaudan to produce a skincare ingredient.

Boswellia collectors in front of the water wells

The communities reached by this project are part of a socially and economically disadvantaged group with limited access to basic services. Prior to the initiation of the project, villagers were spending a lot of time every day collecting drinking water as a result of poor infrastructure. During the dry season in particular, this meant that they often ended up with too little water to cover their domestic needs.

To improve the living conditions of these communities, we partnered with UEBT (Union For Ethical BioTrade), a non-profit association that promotes sourcing with respect, to install drinking water infrastructures. Together with committed villagers, we built two tube wells with electric pumps and a water reservoir each, as well as a traditional well. As a result, 450 people are estimated to have gained easier access to clean water especially by reducing the time they need for this activity. A water committee is in place for the maintenance of the water points and to ensure their good functioning over time. Following the conclusion of the initial project, a second village of boswellia collectors will soon benefit from the construction of water facilities.

“Now I save a lot of time as I do not have to travel long distances to bring water for me and my family.”

Sapana, villager of the Madhya Pradesh region


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