The Givaudan Foundation is a non-profit organisation created by Givaudan in 2013 as a result of the Company’s desire to reinforce its commitment towards the communities in which it operates. Its purpose is to initiate and support projects as well as to grant donations in areas defined by our mission. 

Our mission is to make a difference within the communities where Givaudan sources and operates, we focus our efforts on livelihood, well-being and natural resources preservation. Our actions are nurtured by the know-how and volunteering of Givaudan people.


The Givaudan Foundation works closely with and relies on resources provided by Givaudan to conduct and monitor its projects. It also operates with local partners to ensure the efficient deployment of projects and their relevance for those who are intended to benefit from them.

We operate in two pillars:

Communities where Givaudan sources natural ingredients
We believe that Givaudan has a responsibility towards the communities who produce natural ingredients that are precious to the fragrance and flavour world. At the Givaudan Foundation we work to safeguard the future of these communities and their fragile environment.


Communities where Givaudan employees work
We believe that Givaudan people have much to offer to communities in the area where they work. The Givaudan Foundation enables and supports employee driven projects that foster education, make a positive impact on health or safeguard the environment.

About Givaudan Foundation