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Established in 2013, from a desire to support the communities and care for nature, we are a non-profit organisation operating on two pillars: 


  • Communities where Givaudan sources natural ingredients
    We are committed to helping the natural ingredient producers, their families and the communities that safeguard these delicate ecosystems. Our support is focused on addressing specific social, economic and environmental challenges through a range of targeted initiatives.


  • Communities where Givaudan employees work
    We believe in the power of Givaudan’s people to volunteer and make a difference locally. That’s why we support employee-driven projects that promote education and economic opportunities, improve both mental and physical wellbeing, and help communities protect their natural resources.


Our mission is to ignite change in the above communities, focusing on livelihood, wellbeing, and natural resources preservation.

  • Livelihood projects look to empower communities through providing a mix of education and economic prospects.

  • Wellbeing projects address the various dimensions of the physical, mental, and social aspects of people’s wellbeing.

  • Natural resource preservation projects preserve and restore essential environmental resources, uplifting communities that rely on them.

Our key highlights
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