Wellbeing projects

Women in Haiti washing clothes in a facility built by the Foundation
  • Improving physical and mental wellbeing
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Improving physical and mental wellbeing

Wellbeing projects are a central aspect of our philanthropic endeavours. Our focus includes many dimensions of physical, mental, and social aspects of wellbeing. Beneficiaries of our initiatives are varied, and include people who lack access to basic infrastructure, live in remote areas, suffer malnutrition, face disability and mental challenges, have limited access to healthcare, and are considered members of marginalised groups. 

Projects include fundamental elements such as water, sanitation and hygiene exemplified by the construction of water facilities in Haiti, India and Madagascar. Other initiatives include workshops promoting healthy nutrition in Brazil, Colombia, and the United Arab Emirates as well as sensory and vegetable garden in Italy or France. Increasingly, our initiatives now mirror the evolving landscape of wellbeing, with an additional emphasis on social interaction and mental health. 


Projects in communities where Givaudan sources natural ingredients


Projects in communities where Givaudan employees work


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