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2021 Annual Report
In 2021, the Givaudan Foundation has continued caring for communities and nature around the world by supporting an increasing number of projects in what has remained a challenging global context. As a result of this increase and the diversification of its programmes, the number of its partners has grown and so have the geographical spread of the projects and the diversity of benefits they bring. Click on the below link to read our annual report.
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2020 Annual Report
In the context of the global Covid-19 pandemic that profoundly affected health, economic activities and social interactions across the world and put many people, within the world’s most vulnerable populations in particular, into situations of economic distress, the Givaudan Foundation increased its support to help communities deal with the impact of the pandemic. Click on the below link to read our annual report.
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2019 Annual Report
The Givaudan Foundation's mission is to create a positive impact for Communities where Givaudan sources its natural ingredients and Communities where Givaudan employees work, improving their lives through better education, healthcare and environmental protection. With several new initiatives beginning in 2019, we now run 40 projects in 22 different countries around the world, each of which is tailored to local context and aspiration.
2018 Annual Report
In the five years of its existence, the Givaudan Foundation has contributed to more than 40 projects in 14 countries. This translates into 17,000 people directly benefitting from the different activities that have been rolled out.
2017 Annual Report
Through the projects the Givaudan Foundation supports, our objective is to help communities where Givaudan is active and rise to the challenges they face so they may have better and sustainable long-term prospects.
2016 Annual Report
Since 2013, the Givaudan Foundation has been making a difference in the regions where Givaudan is active through projects that support education, contribute to health and protect the environment.
2015 Annual Report
The second year of activity has seen the Givaudan Foundation further develop its commitment to the causes of Communities at Source, Blindness and Family Nutrition.
2014 Annual Report
One year has passed since the creation of the Givaudan Foundation. In the annual report you can read about what we have accomplished in our first year of activity.