Argentina: School canteen & orchard for rural families

Construction of a kitchen, a new refectory and creation of an orchard.


Child nutrition remains a concern in many rural areas and, in this context, school canteens that provide balanced food may represent the most important meal of the day for many children.

School canteen construction

So Givaudan employees from the Buenos Aires offices teamed up with APAER, an Argentinian association that has been committed for 35 years to the support of rural schools and schoolchildren. Together they have initiated a project for the community of Santa Teresita in the Misiones province.

The project aims to improve health, hygiene and sanitation for 155 children in one rural school by building a new kitchen and a new refectory. It also aims to improve the food security and nutrition habits of the children at school and of their family, by providing nutritional advice and non-perishable food. Givaudan employees are volunteering to collect non-perishable items for distribution and are also contributing to the construction work together with the parents of children living in the community.

“As soon as we heard about this project, the problematic situations these children were living in, we did not hesitate for one second in getting involved to help them. First we started individually and then the Givaudan Foundation supported us with this beautiful project.”

Romina, Givaudan employee

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