Haiti: Social infrastructures & capacity building for vetiver farmers

Supporting a cooperative of vetiver growers and their families.


Farmers across three villages in the region of Les Cayes, South Haiti have formed a cooperative for the cultivation of vetiver roots. More than 290 farmers benefit from price premiums and technical support through the cooperative, which also has a development fund for community projects that include, for instance, the repair of the road that serves the three villages and the electrification of the villages.

Haiti: Supporting vetiver growers

The Givaudan Foundation has supported the cooperative members and their families since 2014, covering the cooperative office rent and encouraging organisational improvements with the hiring of a manager. More recently, a project was initiated by a group of women and conducted with the support of the cooperative manager and funding from the Givaudan Foundation. It aims to improve access to drinking water and sanitation facilities for inhabitants of the area, as most of them do not have access to water at home. The newly built sanitation and hygiene facility with showers, toilets as well as a washing area for clothes was inaugurated in May 2018.

Haiti: Supporting vetiver growers

A drinking water kiosk was installed on the same premises, in partnership with the Swiss NGO Terre des homes Foundation. Purified water is sold at low prices to the community.

The kiosk is managed by the same group of women who initiated the project, and the profit from the water sales is used to ensure the maintenance of the water kiosk and sanitation facility over time.

Trainings were provided to villagers to raise awareness of all users about the importance of clean water. Technical training on the maintenance of the purification system was also delivered to the group of women in charge.

    “The new water and sanitation facility in my village is of great importance to me. In my community we have been waiting for a project like this for a long time.”

    Judith, Faucault villager


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