Nigeria: Braille books production & sensory activities with blind students

Adapted academic tools for a better access to education.


Blindness has been in many countries a major obstacle in accessing education as well as for social integration. In Nigeria’s biggest city Lagos, a large number of visually impaired students attend standard schools which often lack appropriate infrastructures and educational material to support their tutoring.

Nigeria Touch&FlavourThe Givaudan Foundation entered in a partnership with a non-governmental organisation specialised in establishing social projects benefitting the Nigerian community and more specifically producing Braille versions of textbooks.

Through this project, 2 new Braille printers have been financed and visually impaired students will receive Braille versions of academic books ranging from mathematics, history to Nigerian literature.

Enthusiastic volunteers from Givaudan Nigeria are ensuring the smooth running of the project by closely following up the process of Braille books printing.

In addition, Givaudan volunteers will participate to the books handling to the students and are organizing sensory activities with them about “the world of taste”.


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