Comoros islands: Natural ylang ylang resources preservation

Preserving natural resources in Mohéli, Comoros Islands.


Ylang ylang is one of the most coveted flowers in perfumery and represents a significant source of revenue for Comoros islands. On Mohéli, wood is a main energy source for local communities and is also used as such for ylang ylang distillation. Overuse of forests for the production of firewood represents a threat to biodiversity.

Comoros islands: Natural resources and ylang ylang


In order to reduce the impact of ylang ylang distillation on the local ecosystem, we have supported local smallholder distillers with the installation of energy-efficient distillation stills that help saving up to 50% of wood.

We are now working hand in hand with the Moheli National Park and three village communities to increase the forest cover on the island. Trees are planted at riverbanks that are subject to erosion. Plantations are also organised along the roads, serving the villages by offering shade. Finally, trees are planted on degraded land close to ylang ylang distillation units, for which they will pro-vide fuelwood in the future.

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