Sulawesi: Training for sustainable patchouli production

​Preserving natural resources and supporting patchouli producers.


Patchouli is native to tropical regions of Asia, and Indonesia is one the key producers of this iconic ingredient for fragrances. As for many other natural ingredients, it is mostly produced by small growers scattered in rural areas.

Sulawesi: Sustainable patchouli production

On Sulawesi island fuelwood is the main source of energy to transform patchouli leaves into essential oil through a distillation process. The rise in patchouli oil production on Sulawesi in recent years has increased the pressure on firewood supplies.

Although there is no identified direct link between deforestation and patchouli plantations, the high demand for firewood increases the demand for trees on community and farmer lands.

We fund a comprehensive project for patchouli producing communities comprising the installation of energy efficient distillation stills to reduce firewood consumption, the plantation of firewood to protect natural resources.

    Training in good agricultural and distillation practices, as well as administration and financial practices will be provided. Finally, advice in nutrition and in household management will help empowering women and assist them in improving the health and quality of life of their families.  

    “The training programmes target both the producers and their families. Beyond providing technical advice on patchouli growing and distillation, the goal is to educate local producer families on the importance of good nutrition. Advice on home gardening will enable the households to grow their own food and sell the excess production for additional income.”

    Lita, Givaudan Sourcing Manager


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