Sulawesi: Training for sustainable patchouli production

​Preserving natural resources and supporting patchouli producers.


Patchouli is native to tropical regions of Asia, and Indonesia is one of the key producers of this iconic fragrance ingredient. As for many other natural raw materials, it is mostly produced by smallholders scattered across rural areas.

Sulawesi: Sustainable patchouli production

On Sulawesi island, fuelwood is the main source of energy for transforming patchouli leaves into essential oil. Making distillation more energy-efficient therefore not only reduces carbon emissions, but also contributes to protecting forests.

Over the past years, we have funded the installation of energy-efficient distillation units. The operators of these stills continue to receive technical support. In addition, the farmers producing the leaves learn from experts how to grow patchouli in the most effective and sustainable way.

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