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Working together on natural climate solutions

A global initiative to deliver positive climate impacts in partnership with naturals sourcing communities.


Alongside rapid decarbonization, Natural Climate Solutions are essential to deliver a net-zero future. Solutions such as reforestation, forest conservation or regenerative agriculture enable emission reductions as well as capture and storage of emissions from the atmosphere.

In line with Givaudan’s bold climate ambitions, we have looked at implementing further community-based initiatives that would contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and removing carbon from the atmosphere.

A working group bringing together Givaudan and Givaudan Foundation representatives with external advisors has proposed a variety of new initiatives that would each have a meaningful impact on Givaudan’s carbon footprint, in several key supply chains of natural perfumery and flavours ingredients.

Climate solutions

These include tree planting, improved agricultural practices and measures to protect natural ecosystems. All these require a deep understanding of the context and the landscape and we would therefore implement the project in close collaboration with local stakeholders. For example, by reintroducing trees in agricultural land, we can bring about a wide variety of ecosystem benefits such as soil regeneration, regulation of temperature and humidity, as well as biodiversity regeneration. A qualitative programme, well integrated into local ecosystems and communities is a key success factor in securing benefits over the long term.

In line with the Foundation’s mission, all proposed initiatives are not only beneficial for the climate, but also for the producers’ communities.




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