France: Communication tools for Louis Braille Museum

On the path of Louis Braille.


For years, blindness has been a major obstacle to access to education and to social integration. However, a French citizen was to change this situation.

Born in 1809, Louis Braille lost sight in both eyes as a result of an early childhood accident. As a student, he developed a tactile writing system that has been adopted worldwide and has helped enable access to education and culture for blind and visually impaired people. However, more than 150 years after his death, there are still many obstacles for the blind to be fully integrated into social and professional life.

Following the suggestion of a Givaudan employee living in Coupvray, the birthplace of Louis Braille, we agreed a partnership with the Louis Braille Museum to develop activities with the objective of increasing public awareness of blindness.

France: Blindness awareness

Sensory trail in Coupvray, France


The initial contribution was for the creation of a sensory trail in Louis Braille’s birthplace with the participation of Givaudan employees, former employees and families. Givaudan perfumers and flavourists also provided their expertise in creating scents that capture unique elements from Louis Braille’s home for a permanent exhibition entitled ‘On the path of Louis Braille’. The inauguration of the sensory path and the exhibition led to a significant increase in visitor numbers.

France: Blindness awareness

In addition, a temporary exhibition called ‘Draw me a rainbow’ was commissioned. In this olfactory installation visitors were invited to explore the concept of colour beyond its visual dimension.

As part of this collaboration, a dedicated website has been developped with the aim to improve the visibility of the Museum. You can visit it here.




‘Draw me a rainbow’ exhibition in the Louis Braille Museum

“Smells that can tell an intimate story or evoke precise memories from childhood must offer an even greater dimension to someone who has lost their sight. This project was the opportunity to work in an enthusiastic environment free of competition and with the sole aim of pleasing future visitors.”

Sylvaine, Flavourist and Maxence, Perfumer


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