Mexico: Vision campaign for schoolchildren

Schoolchildren look to brighter future with better eye care.


Vision and learning are closely linked. In fact, it is thought that up to 80 per cent of what a child learns in school stems from information presented visually. So good vision is essential for students of all ages to reach their full educational potential. Sight defects and impaired vision significantly affect children’s ability to learn to read because they reduce the ability to identify and so remember numbers and letters. In turn it affects their ability to read and understand texts in areas such as literature, science or history.

Mexico vision campaign

The project “Yo veo mejor” (I see better) was launched in 2015 by volunteers at Givaudan’s Pedro Escobedo plant in Mexico.

It is supported by the Givaudan Foundation since 2017, allowing the project to be expanded to schools in all the 26 communities of the Pedro Escobedo region.

Its main goals are to set up a screening programme to detect children with vision defects, provide good quality spectacles free of charge and offer medical treatment where needed, including surgery. To date about 3,000 eye examinations have been conducted. 

More generally, the initiative is expected to become a broader framework for a sustainable vision care programme for schoolchildren, and has among its objectives to raise awareness among parents, teachers and the general public about vision problems and the need for spectacles for those children affected. This initiative should enhance the continued education of schoolchildren with vision issues, ultimately improving their prospects in life.

    “My two children needed medical treatment and glasses. My son can now read the blackboard at school and my little girl stopped crying because of itchy-watery eyes. The Yo veo mejor programme is a blessing for them.”

    Claudia, mother of two children benefitting from the programme


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