UAE: Healthy nutrition for orphans & disabled

For an improved access to healthier food specifically adapted to children needs.


At the Senses Center for Special Needs in Dubai, children and young adults with severe physical and learning difficulties receive the intensive care they need through specialised programmes that combine speech and music therapy, art, life skills, sports and physiotherapy.

We feed their hope

The centre is also home to disabled orphans, based on the belief that they are in particular need of human warmth and compassion. Half of whom were previously living on the street.

Givaudan Dubai employees support the Senses Home with various activities centered on health and development, with a focus on nutrition. Before, the Senses Home’s six kitchen staff members had no particular training in cooking, so meals could be nutritionally unbalanced at times.

Staff members have since been trained by Givaudan volunteers in good practices regarding food handling, and a new meal plan has been adapted to the children’s various disabilities and comprises healthier ingredients. Contacts were established with local vendors to ensure a healthy ingredients supply, and kitchen equipment and utensils were upgraded.

“At the Senses Center for Special Needs, 120 disabled children and orphans depend on our heart and determination to get the help they
need to live a happier life. This project represents our commitment to the community.”

Maite, Givaudan employee

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