France: Scented garden for visually impaired schoolchildren

Stimulating the senses through shapes, textures and smells.


Institut National des Jeunes Aveugles (INJA, National Institute for Young Blinds) is a public organisation under the French Ministry of Social Affairs created in 1784. Louis Braille, the inventor of the universally adopted tactile alphabet was a former student and then professor at the Institute.

By facilitating the access to knowledge, communication and relationship, the INJA has the objective of developing the autonomy and social inclusivity of children whose sight is impaired. The spirit of its approach is to prepare the visually impaired children to become responsible actors of their future by developing their autonomy of thought and action so that they can live in society.

France: Scented garden

The creation of a didactic, aromatic and vegetable garden at the INJA School to be used as a learning tool aims at providing new ways of helping visually impaired children and teenagers in their intellectual development and discovery of the world. The plants are an ideal support to stimulate the senses through shapes, textures, smells and we were able to leverage our experience acquired during the creation of the sensory trail at the Louis Braille Museum.


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