Italy: Community garden for disabled people

Gardening activities as a mean of integrating people with disabilities into the professional world.


Gardening proves to have many benefits on people’s lives including improving the physical and psychological well-being of an individual.

In northern Italy, we partner with a non-governmental organisation which helps the professional integration of people with disabilities in the region through various types of activities.

Il Rastrello gardenThanks to the invaluable support and enthusiasm of volunteers from Naturex offices in the Milan region, a garden that not only supports the professional integration of people with disabilities but also their personal development, was established.

The garden, which goes by the name “Il Rastrello” (the rake in Italian) started on an empty field. After 3 years of work, it is now equipped with a tool shelter, an irrigation system, a vegetable and fruit yard as well as a henhouse amongst other things.

It is managed, on a rotating, by people suffering from various types of disabilities helping around 80 people get access to a professional activity. The freshly harvested products are distributed to the local community and surrounding villages.

Local schools also get to visit the garden as part of pedagogic activities aiming at raising awareness about people suffering from disabilities. Naturex volunteers also make sure to give a bit of their time by participating in gardening days at “Il Rastrello”.

This project was supported by the Naturex Foundation until 2019, and taken over by the Givaudan Foundation who is ensuring its continuity since 2020.

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