USA: Food packages for vulnerable schoolchildren

Food insecurity is a reality faced by many children, even in developed countries. This has a negative impact both on children’s ability to perform at school and on their health.

USA: Children's nutrition

The kidsPACK programme aims at providing children who have been identified as ‘food insecure’ a backpack of nutritious food to sustain them on weekends when they do not have access to school meals.

This is done by providing school-age children with a backpack of nutritious food each Friday. Each backpack, called a kidsPACK, contains two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners.

We are a Silver partner of this initiative, directly helping 50 children in Florida.


    The personal involvement of Givaudan employees and volunteers is instrumental for the programme: they organise food drives to collect and donate food for the programme and regularly help with the preparation of the backpacks. In 2018 more than 7,000 meals were packed by volunteers. This initiative has become a focal point of the Givaudan Lakeland facility.

    “After learning about the growing number of homeless and hungry children in our neighbourhoods, the heartfelt mission was clear: to build a trustworthy solution in order to help feed the children.” 

    Randy Browning, KidsPACK Founder


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